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The content writing position requires the ability to interview our clients, research the client’s industry, and create written content for the client's site that meets with the customer's satisfaction. Writers with newsletter design or similar experience are preferred.

Heritage Internet Technologies needs to test your skills to make certain our customers are receiving the best results possible. As such, we've developed this simple testing process as outlined below.

In addition to taking the test, please attach a sample newsletter, or other document, design. The sample must include at least three images.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business Make extra by providing copy layout for websites built using Microsoft® Office Live Small Business.

Pay Structure:

  • $.05/word of the approved document! Each page is regulated to 350 or 500 words, depending on the project type.
  • $10.00 for the completion of the writing interview.
  • 10% commission on any site enhancements sold during the writing process!
  • $5.00/page for layout of Microsoft® Office Live Small Business website.

*Site enhancements are additional features for a site that were not sold to the customer at the point of sale. These items, such as flash, databases, galleries, etc. are items that help the customer's site stand out, but were either not discussed at the point of sale, or the customer had decided to wait to purchase the item until a later date.

Apply Now:

*Must be 18 or older and a U.S. Citizen to apply.

To get started click here to Download the Content Writing Test and follow the instructions within. You will be asked to submit sample interview questions as well two complete writing samples on the subjects provided.

When finished, zip your test files (please provide HIT with either a .zip or .rar file), and complete the form below. You will be asked to attach the zipped completed test files.

Attach Test:
Attach Sample:
Knowledge: Please rate yourself for each skill set. (Check all that apply)
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Cust. Service  
Copy Layout  
1 indicates no knowledge while 5 would be expert knowledge.
Best Contact Time:
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Hours per Week:
If you have a misdemeanor, please check the correct box:
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If yes, please explain:
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Note: We do have background check requirements for all of our contractors once they pass the selection process. Some results may render you ineligible to contract with us.

We will never spam you, or sell your email address.

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